Dec 2013

With God, all things are possible
All things inside His Will
My heart beats fast asking for this
Believing, not for my glory, but for His
We will meet
And I will greet
Her to You
Please Lord, for me, come through
There's no way for me to pay
So it's up to You to pave the way
Trust is hard
Faith is hard
But I trust Your faithfulness
I have faith in Your goodness
You know my heart
I feel Your heart
To win a contest could be
Such a great testimony
To be a witness would be
A healthy planted seed
For March 1 8
Patiently, I will wait

This poem definitely isn't anything great, more of a prayer. Praying for the opportunity of a lifetime.
In order for this to happen, God literally has to make the way!! Without His hand on this situation, it won't happen. Trusting for His provision and guidance!!! Please pray with me for March 18 of 2014! I'll give details later down the road. Thank you!
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