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Rabbit Sep 2013
i'm aware of this
addicted to cliffs
screaming girl dont trip

foolish as if
a fish to be taught how to swim
a bird
with two arms as its limbs
as a man
tryna walk on his chin
how foolish is this

love is like drugs
it a choice

until you've
fallen so deep in it
that your
thirst can't  be replenished
your lips are chapped
from dehydration
legs sore from all the pacing
back and forth
your mind is racing
cause it can't stop
your soul from chasing
that next quick fix
and now you're vacant
lost in Time
your mind in space
and you are in it

how foolish is this
to give up consciousness
for a bird to leave the nest
to feel the wind across his chest
Rabbit May 2013
This is not a poem.

I just discovered I have Taylor Swift Syndrome. The subject matter of my poems seem to always be my life's tragic dismay at the hands of an "ain't ****" man. I  thus must sorrowfully self-diagnose myself with ,  as well as possibly be the first to officially coin the term, Taylor Swift Syndrome.

What is the cure you ask?

Simply taking control of my actions and not writing bitter *** "why don't you love me" poems. Most specifically my continued volunteering of my heart to people who I know are incapable of nurturing it in the way is so desires and then proceeding to ***** and moan through my creative talent about them not doing what I know they are unable to do  MUST STOP!!

Treatment you said?

A complete subject matter shift of my poetry for the next 3 to 9 month, I'm honestly unsure of how long it will take but if 9 months is enough time to create a human being it is surely enough time to change a mindset. From this point until either August 2013 or February 2014 I shall no longer be a he woman, man hater poet.

Let the journey begin.

-Dr. Rab.
Rabbit May 2013
i find myself exhausted
by pushing forth and back emotions
like tides pulling oceans
i am drowning in the notion
that you can deny the divide
paralyzing you and I
brush it behind the door
as we brush past each other nevermore
I still with memories of spring
while gazing on falling leaves
cracking crumbling beneath the feet
that walked so effortless over me
who i then tripped
and you fell down to the bended knee
of a mellow heartless fellow
who in fact divided seas.
Rabbit Dec 2012
so let me tell you of my digressions
my hopeless realm of repetition
i am armed with
2 blacks
4 grams
and a pack of sour patches to keep me snackin
i have yet again
settled in
to my barb wired trenches in this hell

Better Is The Devil You Know
Than To Go Fishing For A Stranger

so i sit calmly
because i suppose it is
Better To Be Patient
than to act out of this anger
cause ive considered killing you at my leisure

Why **** Him
Cant You Just Leave And Feel The Same

cause if i could then
would i be here smackin on these cracklins
I brought those to delay the decaying of
teeth as i endudge in
what's first sour then sweet
my cavity
and i fein
from one fix to the next
Oh wrong C
i said Cavity
i mean
Crack rock
Crack baby
reaching for that pacifier
higher and higher i go
while diving deeper in this hole
no point of return
no lessons were learned by previous heartaches
i ache
cause i aint
exactly who i used to be
grabbed by my foundation
and ripped the roots from under me

God Heals All Things

But what about the ***** that breaks ****
takes ****
gets it how he lives and makes ****
Cause this sweet southern soul
is growing old
and i've been told that revenge is so sweet
and baby i'm gon eat

the troops have been patient
but now
we brazen
and a revolt is all i see.
Rabbit Nov 2012
I am jealous, write your own poetry.
Rabbit Oct 2012
i dreamed about death last night
not heaven or hell
or whatever afterlife you believe in
but the actual act of dying
i laid there
body paralyzed
feeling the warm blood leave my body
feeling my chest collapsing
but still trying to breath
opened my mouth
but there was no sound
no mumble
or moan
nor scream
only death and i was scared
where was the light they foretold
or the out of body experience
because i never separated from the pain
i thought and fought to breath until my very last
then there was nothing

to be cont....
Rabbit Oct 2012
i just gotta let my body feel this
let my heart ache for missing you
lips miss kissing you
toes miss touching you
eyes miss seeing you
you are missed by me
but i just gotta feel this
because i'm getting over you
i'm not crying
******* to my girls
or writing poems about you
well i guess after this one
cause like i said
i'm getting over you i just aint there yet
cause i walk in my room
and i smell your cologne
and i instantly feel so
mother ******* alone
i've been trying to spray all your clothes
with some of my perfume
so when you're out doing you
you start thinking of me
but i don't think it's working
cause you haven't said anything
and i hate how you smell
because i know
where you got it
i know the girl that bought it
and i just don't want to be reminded
that i'm missing the *******
i'm missing the lying
i'm missing you
taking every piece of me and trying to deny it
and Marley said you're a coward
for opening this piece inside me
and not even trying
to love or stand by me
I miss you but ****
what am I missing
more people have toes and lips for kissing
but I miss yours
i miss the breath you take before you blow smoke rings
the way you dance to music when nothing is playing
how you roll into me in the middle of the night
and force me to keep you warm
because at 3:11 in the morning you need me
and at 3:15 I rescued you
but some how at 3:35 the next day you forget all of that
but I can  still feel your fingertips rubbing my leg
this is how you say thank you
why don’t you miss that
why don’t you miss me
i just gotta feel this
i don’t want to say bye to you
but no longer can I lie
and smile and play like I’m alright
i am sad
but you seem so happy
i just gotta feel this
and let my body miss you
and try to get over you.
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