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May 19 · 29
The start
I looked at a list
felt close like a cyst
I didn't know the names, But the feeling the same

So far ,but close,very close
Understand is for goats, and the following notes which he read
I think said, is no matter, the faces and names all the same
Children of Kain were not able, the disable, the design
I came to the list just to hide ? the young girls always die
Dyed, the curb or the road, the front of the truck he was bold
Everyone didn't know, but for dresses he was told,

those boys shouldn't come home.
Such distress, what a mess
At the end were connected my friend,
in those eyes, no surprise.
But surprised at the noose that she made
for a girl so afraid,

put it all in your mouth
oh yes that's how its done, shot gun shells in the sun
So why do i cry, deep inside. its all out
the sorrow, the sadness, the crazy, the madness
the meaning of words, could never expose,
the cement that they chose, over next
what came next?

Nothing my dear ,its all nothing from here
its all nothing, and nothing ,
Its nothing to fear, as the moment drew near
only the car, no body, no smear
See the woods, peaceful woods
the horizon, then nothing.

The Finish.
Apr 16 · 100
Wuhan Disease
all the kings men, road straight on to rome
with fire for eyes and faces of stone
so let it be known. from challace to bone
the keep is a kettle, she weeps for unknown
where have they gone, all the young men are dead
only old men are left, they hang on by a thread.

To be dead, to be dead
in the stories we read
how much ink for a life
too few words can be said

All the books on the shelf
I see hector and victor
death on the parchment
no brothers for sister.
R Guildenstern Sep 2019
it just won't stop
I can't just stop
& I won't just stop
because I cant just stop
its every day
every week
every month
of every year
Im comping out
of every hole
that I cant find
I'm trying to hide
but with the light
is all the nooks
in my mind
where I try to hide
but its no use
I want a noose
I want a tree
I want a cliff
digest is now
untili see
and then the feelings
are put away
the lid closed tight
the box piled high
the room barred up
till next July
R Guildenstern Jun 2019
Are you hear for something searching
Something hidden in tall grass
Down the path from left Bermuda
Just keep left until the pass

Are you searching for the rabbit hole
Searching in the the mud
Walk until you see the eagles and the badgers looking smug

Come until you smell the dew from the east but in the west
Traveled by the winds of Venus                 the other side is just a gasp

Still standing not yet moving                 most can’t reach it without help.

As I said just travel left                     although the road shall pull you right
But the road is just a lantern                   with no oil for the bright

Come and see and you shall find
just down the steps into my mind
Yet the entrance is not far if you’ve come in search of searching

Some will leave before they find
Down the path of grass and roses     stinging thorns they have not chosen

Yet left is right in search of bright

The wolves have spoken with the birds
The gentle whispers
The wind of words

Is it you who search the path
The rabbit hole you’ve come atlas
Feb 2019 · 77
my pet horse
R Guildenstern Feb 2019
I bought me a horse
and the stable came too
as well did the water, the waiting the blue
I ride him now always
before not as much
but then was hobby
and now is a crutch
I think of him always
he follows me close
and others will comment
and stay for a ****
its only the one time
but that time is forever
cause you don't ever stop
this is life, this is ever
what was before is before, this is now
you would kneel to no master
but for Henry you bow
Feb 2019 · 63
Those olden days
R Guildenstern Feb 2019
Just a man in a box
Around him the rocks
Below him the mud and ontop is a fox
He can push it right threw
End up in the dew
drowns by the day but by night only pray

Well then
Spare me your ax
Bring the nails and planks
brining  women in tow
A precession we go
Today is the day that un righteous blood flow
No matter the spatter of tears. Bring the ladder
Lay the planks in the order. From tallest to shorter
And their you can nail the man to the corners
No cross for this cause.  Only pain and sharp saws.  
Every plank  shall be cut. By the seam and then tossed
If you were so kind cut the seam by the spine where the heart it still beats.

Across the chest not the feet
Pleaded the mother of Crete
Make it quick
So the pieaces are fresh for the tomb
In the lime God can find even men who were sown.

This business of death what a horrible stench

Cut the boy up  so that I can repent
Jan 2019 · 76
The reality of it
R Guildenstern Jan 2019
We ask God for s Sign,
if we receive something we don't like
we call it bad luck.
Mar 2015 · 482
Rain catcher
R Guildenstern Mar 2015
When it rains it pours
And when it pours it floods
And when it floods theirs death, sliding with the Muds
And after death is sadness
And after sadness sorrow
Light a lonely candle as to have some light tomorrow
Sadness is not followed ,nothing grows in such a soil
You may have a happy feeling but the promises are hollow
And all that's left the ****** as she lay the heroe rest
For his lips forever aching as the fire filled his chest
Jul 2014 · 635
R Guildenstern Jul 2014
Come to me my summer breeze and ease my gentle passing
The rains  have fallen hard like thunder bolts must have been lacking
Leave not yet another breath another pill not taken yet
Ive met the men in smoke and all they speak is of the raking
A blinding light
A shepperds night
And all thats left is linger
For i may be a million trillion things but i am none tonight
And now i  close my eyes and whos to say that we are stars to stars and sky to sky
I hear no lies for all is all but many
And each reality is made to pass by those in willing
So shut your eyes my dear sunrise and die into the darkness
Cause all that shines is ending like a world without beging
Jul 2014 · 472
tonic enjoyment
R Guildenstern Jul 2014
i have travelled so very far
and i am still so very high
it seems the substance has successfully put me  into the sky
i was once a bunny too but now the time has grown my hare
used to laugh at all the people now the people stop and stare
come seeth blessed child the first air of Israel
Yet the second born of ashes from the depth of firey hell
Harp the angels in golushes
demons dressed up for the ball
what a fancy sight to see is all of you who hear the call
battlements at the ready,the flute of mighty war,tis the sound of mother nature when both Gods are off to war
oh but i am but a soldier, oh but i am but a boulder
upon the shoulders of a giant i shall travel into colder
Jul 2014 · 354
stationed across the way
R Guildenstern Jul 2014
How potent the poison is passion
A War in good fashion
The fog in the fields crash like waves that are massive
A passive polite the old man with the pipe but stills draws out his knife in the evening gun fight then explodes into flowers and casket
The light is too bright just to bask in
And tonight may be right for the captain
But i my dear friends are not fit for ammends i am neither the start or the finish
All must once end  like the rope and the pen and the pipe i just finished beginning
Jun 2014 · 558
R Guildenstern Jun 2014
Come ever more
Every ferret and *****
Every devilshly demon  that luck does adore
With the mist in the midst and the wind like a fist
There no blood in my wrist so alas i must sit
And be patient
All these rooms and non vacant
So man
Oct 2013 · 587
speak only after
R Guildenstern Oct 2013
come quickly
come quickly
you silly old dog
when they thought of the name,
they'd probably had thought of a creature like you-well then right on the dot
for a pig with a stick in his eye and a stye for a leg could have begged his way faster to freedom
and found more to eat in a day then you eat in a week-but you stay?
And i wonder and ponder by ponds full of water collecting my thoughts in a vase now discolored
what marvelous mischief might happen if beast were no sanction and all things with thoughts were judged solely on actions
morality then would weigh heavy with sanction and perhaps no man dines at the right of the lord
only a creature, deemed fit to absorb his observance
for now, it is begging to get very hot in this furnace
Oct 2013 · 901
R Guildenstern Oct 2013
Who's that staring through my window walls, with eyes as old as time
the clock has not yet moved and the wind outside has died
no breath for me to find nor the strength to check the time
unless the minute hand is lying theirs a chance i may have died
I wish this all a dream but the eyes i see dont lie, they have told me with their watching that all men do really cry
yet in vain is all my wishing but perhaps this is delusion of a sedimentary man with his mind ripe for losing
Come at me then red devil, I shout within my mind yet the tension I had hoped for was delayed and rather dry
no ravishingly velvet flame encircled this such room, nor were the furniture and ottoman  thrown like an old shoe
marvelous the time in which a demon throwns your home and his only one intent is to stare right through your soul
to that i bid goodnight to you, to do as you wish, regardless of the manner I am nothing more then fish. to be shot out of a barrel for a fellow such as this
If you do deem it fit that I wake another morning all i ask is that the clocks all please return to working order
Sep 2013 · 697
R Guildenstern Sep 2013
Just below the cellar you can hear a gentle thumping
bumping in the midnight calling out to ask for something

Thumping in the hallways and the rooms of little girls
in the washroom and the kitchen just the thought makes my blood curl

It all must be of nothing I have told me many nights
only louder in the darkness till my mind has no such plight

Pleading with kitchen and panels of the wall, of the stairs that lead to darkness right above the cellar floor
Pleading for the bumping, to cease throughout the night
yet my pleading is politeness that responds with terrid freight

The thumping has grown louder, yet no one is stil awake
only I to fight this battle with the king for heavens sake

Spears and bones have knashed and yet a pulse can still be heard
I shall die alone in sadness, never knowing what was burned

Yet amid a morning sunset, with the calling of the crow
all the thumping and the bumping had disbanded from the thrown

In the midst of my confusion , I lay awake pondering illusions
Was it all a gentle dream
or must it all mean something more

Just above the cellar you can hear a gentle bumping
thumping in the midnight calling out to ask for something
Sep 2013 · 498
by the window
R Guildenstern Sep 2013
whisper weeping tiger all your fears inside my ear
while I sit here and just wonder if the clouds eventually clear
hush now mighty giant all you do is flood the seas,  your tears the size of titans and your sobs the summer breeze
they shall listen to no reason, hearts as cold as mother ice
be there flooding in the mountains then they all shall turn to christ
heave the call of dying lepers that they fall upon deaf ears
still her heart is gently thumping through the tyranny and fear
on her back she rests the earth and though her legs as old as time such a strength her ancient wisdom
twiddled down to such sublime
a mere mistake of good intentions  beware the cross to your salvation
the path that's far less chosen, rightfully so for damnation
all that's good shall perish slowly,  leaving nothing more then is
perhaps you've thought this place of devils, I shall say we are what is
Aug 2013 · 458
R Guildenstern Aug 2013
Mayhem for the masses and all thats left is letters from the fall
what we learnt was less a lesson then a lecture in a hall
hallow spaces in the building homes to rats and peoples children
chase them off from off a building and watch the wings that save their fall
come lay down my sweet angel and just for now there is no danger
yet tomorrow is not promised just for now lets wish on comets
and hope the flames engulf us all
Aug 2013 · 480
R Guildenstern Aug 2013
Before I slept I would speak to God
I would ask him to keep those I loved safe
Secure them so that no evils may find them
It is a miracle when man feels love
And I have felt love then i have felt fear
There is no place love can hide that feat cannot be found.
The essence that is a horrible pain and suffering  rooted in our human condition
The necessary blood that flow through the heart of our being
All men are conditioned to perform evil even those who claim otherwise '
Especially those who claim otherwise as they do not see the wrong in their action
So rather then wait for a world that does not seek forgiveness
Before I sleep I speak to God
I beg him to bask my loved ones in the warmth of death
Walk to them in the middle of the night so that they may wake in his sunshine
Far from the sadness that is us
As Love asks for nothing else
Aug 2013 · 781
An ode to expectations
R Guildenstern Aug 2013
Sarah wouldn't speak to me her lips as cold as snow
The barren lands inside her eyes, such place I wouldn't go
I long to feel the warmth,that danced beneath her summer skin
But all that's left is valentines and tears from dearest kin

My gentle longing lover, your death has brought me sight
If you have gone to heaven, then I have slept the nights
In caves with twirling flames, that give off no such light
Amongst the wicked witches and the men from Dante's plight

What sorrow that surrounds us, yet my sorrow is the same
without your golden voice only devils call my name
Aug 2013 · 693
The Extradite
R Guildenstern Aug 2013
I seek divine inspiration
yet I remain stuck with tempered cognatation

Stuck,with desperation and mutilation

By the limitations of human beings, who seek no liberation

Then lay me down to rest,

For already I feel the linger of death's breath upon me
as my humble skin convulses

Soak me then I say,in your hemlock waters
that I too may feel the numb of ordinary
That I may too be baptized by filth and reborn into the realm of acceptance
where i may be seated beside my father, like him before me

Together, to **** the living breath from the lips of our mother nature
as the door closes behind me
Jul 2013 · 828
R Guildenstern Jul 2013
I was smoking with the giant as he lay beside my bed
he delights me with the stories from a world not in my head
was it just the sting of ****** or did something not feel strange
as the marijuana smoke began to dance inside my brain

he was friendly and well mannered not the type that you'd expect
not that you'd expect a giant in your home beside your bed
barely fitting in the space where he tried to lay his head
poor beast of mothers burden i must offer him a smoke
then he vanished with the air that he exhaled from his ****
Jul 2013 · 2.7k
R Guildenstern Jul 2013
Watch me as I fall from here
I do not wish to speak of such misfortunes
unfortunately other options have quickly began shortening
their obvious attempt for what can be logical decision
such incision with a knife also a master of the fiddle
fear me not the sky is lightened
now the dark began to set
How I wish it were to echo,
as the moon was put to bed

Yet my life has become  ill gotten,
a thorn of crown upon my head,
yet my troubles seem so meager
then those of mice unlike us men
Gently weep into the silence
go forth brother hear your cry
may the sightly wind be with you
guide it deep into the sky
cause of thunder and then lighting
limit those who fear the sound
hear them weeping at the door step
as if the cat had made a sound
Jun 2013 · 468
a limerick
R Guildenstern Jun 2013
shall we wonder to the future
or glance back into the past
the choice is yours for choosing
yet i recommend you choose fast

time is for the taking
and no man is left behind
either sleeping or awakening
time shall pass until you die

even deep in death
lest your rest be all but swell
they shall talk about the time from when you died till now or still
as to plunge a short syringe and eventual make you ill

yet the venom is no use, when no blood course through your veins
so your shackled in their minds in stocks of time and darker age
what a sullyfull existence if you believe that lay beyond the grave
Jun 2013 · 870
The Hills of Eden
R Guildenstern Jun 2013
Have you seen the Hills of Eden
They just lay beyond the grove
Where the beauty of the pasture is matched only by the snow
In the season of coldness when the hemlock starts to grow
Have you seen the Hills of Eden
Where the mass graves lay untouched
It was only for the purpose,man is always in a rush
Hush now children, don't be foolish
It's only tales of ghosts and goolish
Yet the weary be aware , above the graves the grass it fairs
Fairly poor from lack of sun or food I know not
yet for purposes the grass is dead above those spots
where dead are laid atop of dead
Like flesh was spread, and nothing said
It is the manner of our ways and still the Hills of Eden fair the same.
Like the rose flow
The lush exterior
Beneath the thorns that cower?
or the beauty of the rose is venerated from its lush exterior
allowing the unpleasantness of the thorn to contain an essence of beauty
thus the beautiful will bare the cross of the wicked
and the wicked will be better for it.
and say i have seen the Hills of Eden
Apr 2013 · 1.1k
The eleventeenth chapter.
R Guildenstern Apr 2013
I crave to create
But my creations miss behave
Cause they don't attiquately meet
My devotion for the week
I find a new prophet most often even when I sleep
I'm partial to the fact that humans can weep

If u express in a speech or an action
I will caption and it well dwell till it seeps
Neither aggressive nor obsessive is a quality I fancy
Yet if it were to follow then my senses would be dancing

I believe in light in the darkest places
The light is never gone as embers lie awaken
A mere glow can grow to a great fire
If  the fuel forgrowth is allowed

I wonder to the worth of my actions whether creation is worth the time it's after
Not to the worth of creation. Yet the worth that I place at my feeble dedication.
My nippet at the toes of a holy saint as a catholic salmon they are about to fillet
My search for the light is not to infer  it is Shinning brighter for me then you or even her
that  may the case in a state or a place
Not mine I have no Devine ordination
I just search and I'm blessed with coordinations
That you'd see. If you were me and I u
Or a shrew  as they do act quite rash like you do

Like at times the sun is clouded. All that can be seen is the clouds enlightened.
The promise of a storm.
Sealed on the cusp of a clouds lips
Unleashed in a fury
As to expel the the darkness
The power of a cleansing
Then again, the sky is blue
the clouds are white
the sun shines bright

No one man sees the dark sky
And fears its darkened state
As more then a chalky slate
It i only a product of the storm
As man is a product of his storm
No man is a dark sky
they just play stage to their storm.
Which all together is a topic not of the norm
Whether cold or hot
Ice or pots a nd plans
Your summer plans lay ruined
The ruins , you harbour
A product the doctors and dentists
Or mendists
Can't doctor
The clouds have all cleared the way.
To display
The destruction
Jan 2013 · 587
R Guildenstern Jan 2013
There once lived a hare
on the edge of a square
in the woods near a river
but you wouldn't care

most particularly tho
if you saw you'd say so

that you've never laid eyes
on a hare fit to size

with a three piece armani
and ears to the sky

would be smoking a pipe
and checking the time

i'm not fit to be tied
nor need medical eyes

the hare was aware
that when smoking time flies

late for a drink of both gins and some rye
the pipe laid out gently between his two eyes

a cry nor a screach
any deliverance of speach
was said from the head
of this fellow in peach

puffing his pipe
just as fast as you'd think
the hare had vanished
like smoke in the mix
Dec 2012 · 609
Mother Moon
R Guildenstern Dec 2012
Quiet said the moon
the children are sleeping
away in their rooms our light only seeping

towards them the light barely for them
here in the sky all you feel is boredom
only to watch but to never adore one

lay quiet my children
with the sky full of millions of eyes
and your eyes on my sky lets me watch you

like lovers do

my gentle feel only to embrace such a face
such as yours sharp as swords for a war

How you pain me

as I siege at the cusp of the earth
like a mother at birth

nor I
for I have fallen and failed
yet still I sail for shores that adore your presence

My children
even in my banished state
from afar I see you

As love knows no bounds
I roam amongst the clouds and celestial bodies
to feel you

My stars excite the sky
The only gift to offer
acknowledgment that I am here

As so many that have looked past me
Who I have loved in loss
Your mother is waiting

I have herd the cries of the hurt and the scorned
Crying tears much like mine
For you are not alone

My shackles Bind me
But my inner unwinds me

Forever is not enough time to deter my longing
You my children are the cause
The birth of the earth

Sleep my children
I'll stay watch
Dec 2012 · 2.2k
The doubt
R Guildenstern Dec 2012
I had once herd a tale of both gooblins and goblins
that hide by the house on the hill full of robins

where no cats would lie
not a feline in site
in that case nor a horse and toboggan

If when the sun set
by your luck you'd have met
a most suddenly sense, you'll most likely regret

to inform that the norm is is most vital
a chorus recital while sleeping, the feeling is seeping
of course,   he fears for the reaping

To come?
Is it done?
has it happened?

No third party captions
his captor
a mind full of rapture

to hear ever after
a rapping, a tapping
his own hands just clapping

the door doesn't move
but the grooves in the wall are expanding
these dreams so demanding

Demented dimensions
his body retention of fear and the queer
have him panting

gasps without asking
a sublime such as this
and the temperance of bliss

have the curtains been called
or is it all but a miss
guided ventures of vengeance

His soul but a remnance of courage
is left in the depths
and before us he slept

such a man who believes
in trees where the robins at ease
do enjoy such a breeze

That breath air in the room
where he lay quite awake
Till his wake
Nov 2012 · 815
The lives of others
R Guildenstern Nov 2012
Peter the frog!
exclaimed jimmy the toad
I dare you
I dare you to cross that road

water and flies
the moistest grass lie
just out of reach
too bad you cant fly

oh I shall and I will
then a tale to thrill
of peter the frog
in water so still

reverence my sight
tomorrow you might
wish that you came
and conquered your fright

As peter explained
it was nights where he lay
pondering places outside of the bay

there now he was
on the cusp of his courage
and to think his delight had been so delayed

Never could I
Panted jim with a sigh
travel to places outside of the bay

If matter I live or I die who can say
yet simply I state it shall be in this bay

so travel now friend
you wouldn't want to be late
for a fate of fresh bounties lay outside the bay

I seem him no more
Hear him hurry his pace
the titan of timber along on his way

Jimmy the toad
had no interest in roads
only in having his *** by the bay
Nov 2012 · 2.0k
Tall Grass
R Guildenstern Nov 2012
Amongst the tall grass
everything is short

and everything is quiet amongst these walls of forts

nothing can be seen, amongst the waves of green

but yet the vermin move by

invisible trails I deem

And only in the tall grass

where time and space don't move fast

the blades of grass conceal mass

for demons that strike fear fast

and birds dare not land too quick

for creatures just like arsenic

are quick to make the grass twitch

and slowly move away

so perhaps don't choose the tall grass

only move on safe paths

and maybe if you move fast
you'll even get away

and here I wait in silence

alone, I am an island

and when you see the grass twitch

you know I've been that way

excitment isn
R Guildenstern Nov 2012
crimson and magic
to splash without panic
in waves of compliance
for drugs made from science
and sorceress who summon the simple solutions
illusions! illusions!
of grander worth loosing
confusing the process will aid not for coptic
nor catholic
or elsewhere semantics
act frantic in panic
to sob without reason
treason! say treason!
the exit of reason
to wander in wander a fate beyond yonder
set ponder a path set by mind on the map
of solutions and systems
domestic conditions
yet wild apparitions
appear as conditioned - concerns
to a mindset as stern and subtracted
by fractions of actions repulsed by distraction
disgruntled reactions
supposing contractions
created the action
conceived from distractions
The reasons
let change be for seasons
while i stay the rock in the pond
either frozen  not gone
as the watcher
still watching
content upon watching
exhaling the notion
that motions for movement
atonement! atonement!
with further consolement
atlas like the breeze of the gavel
let both parties ravel and tug
whether free or debugged
only mind over matter
unscrambles the lather
too see that is free
is like blind sight at sea
with the waves of conforming
to drown is informing
if not then be peace !
for all parties deceased
by a water so deep you could drown in your sleep
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Night Vision p.1
R Guildenstern Nov 2012
i stood awake

standing and waiting
waiting and listening

                still awake

waiting for creeping
and cracking and knocking
                                     and knocking    

more waiting for stomping
and yelling in darkness
or watching just watchingandwatching&watching;

not wanting
not wanted
not haunted

just stood and recited a sonnet
a prayer just more bare
for the living and other,please smother
the cause of this feel
whether thought of or real

my mind plays the part
of what lurks in the dark
but if not then tonight
like a movie with sharks

still awake awake awake
Oct 2012 · 1.5k
The Patient Deacon
R Guildenstern Oct 2012
When it is completed, then it shall be good

and good is to me as cherry to wood

and wood is to trees, and to squirrel's and Bee's

and foxes that live in the hood

When it is completed, then it shall be good

still could not find her, she's lost in the woods

on bright sunny days, when the trees do not sway

they would swear  she could leave if she would

When it is completed, then it shall be good

and all that is lost will be soon understood

our eyes of no use, as to see from a tooth

and our mouth be empowered by ***.
Oct 2012 · 850
R Guildenstern Oct 2012
A time will come for wants and needs
for things we thought by summer trees
when things were odd,but odd to us
is strange and changed and disarranged
the thought of right was surely wrong
yet wrong right now can still belong
and time it still falls from the face
where hands they glide by gentle pace
concealed by a sneer that waits
a centaur, it minds the gates
with children's teeth around his waist
and golden locks down by his face
return once more while still awake
the gray, the old, with ernest hate
to strip the bloom from garden napes
and prune the vines in oddly shapes
to laugh, to cry, to sing once more
and soak in waters they once adored
Oct 2012 · 439
The troubles with God
R Guildenstern Oct 2012
what's my name?
when you fall twice

what's my name ?
when you feel pain

what's my name?
when your sun sets

what's my name?
when they have chains

what's my name?
when you need me

call my name
but I can't hear

call my name
but I wont speak

call my name
but I'm not here

call my name
but your too smart

call my name
and it's still dark

— The End —