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  Mar 2017 Prachi
Love me through all these uncertainties,
Love me all the way,
Till I find everything I loved in you,
In myself.

I'll love you, when it's inconvenient,
I'll love you when it's you I most hate,
Till the love wins over the raging hatred,
And in your embrace, I stand.

Love me like the sun does not care whom it burns,
Love me through the envious glares,
You'll find me next to you shining, not shadowed by your brilliance.

I'll love you when clouds surround you,
I'll love you through the rain,
I'll be your unwavering faith when you need it,
I'll hold you when you get tired of the weights you shoulder, all this heaviness.

Love me in all the realities,
Both yours and mine.
Love me in our ever clashing worlds,
Till you find the similarities.
Love me when all I'm is flaws and skin, tightly held together.

I have loved you beyond the scope of futilities,
I have loved you beyond the words,
I have loved you through the striking thunderstorms,
And I'll love you when it's quiet and dull.
  Mar 2017 Prachi
Pls, don't emotionally abuse each other and call it love. Pls, don't be a parasite depending on the other for your happiness and growth, and call it sweet. It's good to be happy around them, however that does not mean you start being miserable without them. Even if they're gone for a second. Pls, don't tie a noose around someone's ankle, start pulling on it every time you are sad, and call it love. Your dependency is not love, your insecurities is not love. We all get down and we all need to know we are loved once in a while but as romantic it's to have a person remind you how beautiful you're daily, you need to believe it and feel it so you can tell them that they're beautiful too, that whenever they get little insecure or worried, you're not so caught up in your own bubble of troubles to notice it. Because accepting others to fix all your problem is not love. Because in the end, you are and you should be the driver of your life and they can guide you once in a while and sit next to you,  but please don't call all this needing love.
  Mar 2017 Prachi
He will  call you beautiful and you'll feel something stir within you, a feeling that makes you realise with a warm surprise that you believe that that's how he feels and that will be your first cue. Your first warning. An omen asking you to turn your back and run away as fast as you can.

You're sitting with him watching the sun set and you'll look at him and catch him looking at you and that moment will take your breath away and you'll ask yourself how come you never noticed how strikingly beautiful he is. And that's  your second warning.  Tell yourself it's not him and it's the sunset's ability to turn everything it touches into an art. Do whatever it takes you to convince yourself of that. And whatever you do, don't spend your nights away looking for metaphors to fit him.

And soon enough you'll find his name trembling on your lips and these unknown feelings bouncing in your tummy trying their best to announce themselves to the world and have them acknowledged. And this my darling is a very dangerous stage. Choke on them if you have to. Bite your lips till you bleed out and hold on your breath till you're blue in the face but whatever you do, don't let your emotions be known. Because they're little fire who might burn you from inside if you don't allow them to see the light but know, once they get out, they'll set everything you love on fire starting with the little brown eyed boy you seem to love so much.

It's been few days and you see his gaze lingering on you for longer than ever before and his mouth opening and closing as if it intends to tell you something and this, my baby, is your last chance to save your life. After all, you should have known by now that you're perfectly capable of breaking yourself without any lending hand. Then why **** the thing you have put so much faith in? Let the one thing you love remain untouched by your miseries. After all, you have still not learnt how to fly and why would you be willing to clip off your own wings?

And don't try denying that you would not. Because you know you will.

And if there is one thing worse than a guy you love, it's a guy who loves you.

Because the same rush you're feeling; the gentle caress of wind thar uplifts your mood and soothes your qualms can also rage against you and uproot the very foundation of your being. And you, my darling, are not ready for it.

Insecurities and a need to be needed don't get along so beautifully. So do yourself a favor, darling and leave.
  Mar 2017 Prachi
I have loved you still,
When I could no longer turn you into poetry.
I have loved you from afar,
When you needed space to spread your wings and navigate.
I have loved you freely,
Because labeling things usually restrict their growth
I have loved you in silence,
And you still heard every confession I never uttered.

I have loved you, unabashedly,
Let my words rage on,
I have loved you gently,
The way moon sings lullabies to a kid.
I have loved you in hues,
Both crimson and blue,
And so when the winter comes,
And your hands are cold,
I'd still be holding you.

I have loved you when you were a poem,
I have loved you when you were spiteful words thrown away, casually.
I have loved you at your best,
I have loved you when you yourself could not.
  Mar 2017 Prachi
They told me,
The curse of a functioning heart is,
You don't get to choose what fades,
And what stays
A couple years ago,
I believed the same

But now I know better,
I don't think there is anything passive about a survival.

You wake up, you look into the worn eyes of your reflection
Devoid of the shine, you used to be complimented at
You sigh and then force a smile,
For yourself.
there is no one else
Whom you owe a smile,

And every minute is a battle;
A choice,
To succumb and be a victim of circumstances
Fight, to have what you deserve.

There is nothing passive about living, and that's how it should be maintained
  Mar 2017 Prachi
I realised I loved you
When I realised
That you're much more than the softest words,
Stitched together in smoothest cursive,
To produce the most beautiful poem.

You're much more than any word I could use to paint you with and though, the playfulness in your innocent smile deserves a chapter written all about it, you'll always be much more and nothing like the comparisons I use. And I admit it.

And when your decision to never write about me, slowly started making sense, that was when I realised I loved you.

I realised I loved you,
When you taught me
That most of the things I found romantic, are not really love. When you made me question the way I looked at you and through the crumbling foundations, I realised, that what they call love, is usually endless needing. And love does not always need, but love always  wants.

And love chooses. Love chooses to work hard for oneself, and for each other. Love decides to uplift itself. Love does not need you to be its walking stick or support. And I realised I loved you, when I decided to be what I needed from you, so you can see that I want you to stay around, for all your charms and wit and not because I'm a paralysed mess when you're gone.

I realised I loved you,
When I found that no people you love are supposed to be answers, or a destination to a long quest, no. You're not my favorite poetry, or my home, or a problem. But a person who I want to share these with. No, You're not the sun light filtering through the leaves, or the sound the water makes as it falls down a lake. You're not calmness personified and no, you're not some superhero looking for a maiden to help.

You're a human being. All sweat and farts, skin and bones, perfect moments and flaws. You're a human. And not a word I could twist around to shape any way I want.

You're messy handwriting, and heart beating for itself. I realised I love you, when I realised that my heart wanted to beat for itself too. And maybe, just maybe sometimes when we are together, our heart will beat in sync. Or not. It really does not matter. Cause we are much more than all of this.
I just love you, mahn
  May 2015 Prachi
The brown of your eyes
Became my favorite shade
A familiar place
But I'm no longer the one they behold
So goodbye to them

Those pink lips that you have got
Perfectly shaped
Complimenting your light skin so well
But I'm no longer the name they seek
So goodbye to them

The heart beats fluttering so fast
Sweet lullaby
Keeping the nightmares away
But I'm no longer the sight they dance at
So goodbye to them

The long fingers of your hand
Intertwined with mine
Made the strangers stares seem less hostile
But I'm no longer the person they reach out to
So goodbye to them

The warm smiles of yours
Imprinted on my mind
Spreading across my face
But I'm no longer the reason behind it
So good bye to them

I wish
We had met up in sky
Far from the boundaries of this world
I would be yours, you would be mine
Our shadows merging into one


Now I have learnt
There is a bridge too large,
A boundary too long
For either of us to bridge
So I'll love you from a far

With an intensity of
Million burning stars
Much more than she is ever capable of
But nothing can change the fact
I'll never be with you.
I have been writing poems under #you series and this will be my last poem. {I have yet to write few poems but I guess... now I'll do a countdown like you#23 then you#22 cause that is how a person leaves us.. in bits. till he is gone forever.. a memory left to rust.
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