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Pong Panugao Apr 2015
The day your dreams are making whole
And the fantasy you had is an object to hold
Why does your heart questions its role
Is this the happiness you seek why thy heart bare a hole

Happiness of the heart why questions its worth
The what ifs of the mind are taking their toll
You are happy that is all
Then why do you write about questioning it all?

He loves you and you love him an that is all
Writing it down on paper to prove that its wrong
This is the dream you've dreamt for so long
Satisfaction is the key in making you whole
Pong Panugao Jan 2014
The stress is eating every inch of me
Everything in front of me makes me want to flee
With each step closer to the end, comes a crippling pain scratching my heel
Splinters of faith pushing deeper like steel

Too much pressure to my chest leaving no room for me to breathe
Gasping harder and harder but nothing seems to creep in
Were mere nomads looking for fertile land to call our on
Scouting crevices of rocks for sign of life, but nothing feels alive inside

The fear of failure occupies your heart
To the point that nothing makes you feel better, makes you feel loved
Like a child you carry inside you, like a secret you kept dear
Like a first born going to school, him being judged is what you fear

Tears flow swiftly, faster that thoughts of roofs and gables
Colors seems to be the key, but to a vault of uncertainty everything is bleak  
Wanting to quit, an abortion to your skills, a freedom of choice is nothing but free
Stagnant as anything could be, you are shackled into this test of creed
My thesis is eating me alive
Pong Panugao Dec 2013
I am shallow pond to the sea of love
Seeing an Oasis in the mirage of sand
Creating waves that are nowhere but none
Within the slopes of loam I try to run

You filled me up with drops of rain
I soak up all that my body can contain
Pouring like heavens of water to a dessert dry
You pushed deeper into the depths of lime

I let you in, In into my whole
But when you are about to reach my core
The surface calls you back into the world
Leaving this pond into a crater, a pit of endless mourn

With the absence of rain, I thirst for snow
Quenching this urge with remnants of your cold
Waiting for the sun, to dry me up with its scorch
Vanishing like an illusion of water into a drought of summertime
Pong Panugao Nov 2013
Death, I've seen through my mother's shallow breaths
The whisper of sadness moving into my head
That thing pushing and pulling inside my chest is skipping
Jumping and leaping at an irregular pace
The balloon of air is full but I feel asphyxiated by the pain
Numbing legs crawling to my head, every second seems like a century at haste

Death is for those who live, and sip the morning sun
Or for those who walk and feel the wind in their palm
I'm a diabetic walking on a candy store
With you as a tootsie roll
I can look and leer holes through your soul
But I cant taste let my lips drown into your
Wishing a chance to feel your warmth and the sweetness you have wrapped

A different kind of death I feel when you're around
The kind that kills me and bring me to life at the same time
The kind that creates a memory for me to smile to and frail at the same time
Stopping this borderline obsession, there is no chance
You've cut my legs down so I cant run, and hide from your charms
In my blood you slowly dine , leaving me no choice but to wait and die
This is a one-sided love that I just cant seem to move on from. Silly me
Pong Panugao Nov 2013
I confess, I am an addict trapped in this cycle of rot.
I drank from the cup, hoping the fill will struck my luck
But just like any other happy endings my mind got stuck

Gave in, to the sweet words that jack had packed,

Silly boy gave in, to the mocking brilliance of ***
Hearing whispers of good music in my ear, drip drip, drip
The sound of smooth whiskey calling, flowing down my throat
Warming my insides, like hell-fire eating me from the tip of my fingers to my thigh

Crawling, silently creeping the lust starts to seep in
Eating my body, mind , heart and soul like the sand with the wind
I am defenseless, can’t fight this craving, the closet to life and heaven I can be
Been here before, but why can’t I ignore its beauty

Alcohol, effervescent, rich, tasteful alcohol. Strong , dark , cunning alcohol
You are divine, a slave to you I am. Goddess divine make me feel again
I fight, slit my gut and fight, but I’m powerless to your might
Sober, never to indulge in this hunger, I drank, from the cup I drank again
Here we go again.
Pong Panugao Aug 2012
I am a catholic in any possible way
I've been with every colors of the spectrum in faith
Living like anyone else in an earthly state
I see no difference, in my eyes all is the same

What makes me different from everybody else?
Am I to be saved while others grow stale?
I grieve for those in pain for their religion
Why do they have to suffer in vain

Browsing in the net I found a picture
a picture of beauty and symmetry I must say
monks down on their knees like stones on a beach
I looked further into the picture and my heart just fell and me knees went weak

In  the land of the dancing peacocks they killed Muslims for faith
what sins did they commit? Is it too grave to forgive?
Lets slaughter everybody for its god’s will, we be stiff
Orphan a child, alone, for us to be redeemed

I am a human too, when was it holy to **** another?
religion is a choice made by sovereignty over ourselves
so what made them do wrong for their death to face?
all of them is in so much debt for their lives to be seized?

My soul shatters like glass thrown a million miles
stomach twisted stuck in turbines of fate
prayers for their souls all I can make
cry futile tears for my voice they cannot hear

Don’t respect people for their faith
Provide them with sanctity as humans yourselves
Just protect life for they deserve to live
Live like their shoes are covering your own heel
Pong Panugao May 2012
What happens when you wake up
And the feeling of warmth subsides
The pumping stops and the gushing calms
Your mind goes blank as the canvas’ white

Grasping palms hoping for some light
Gripping it tighter and tighter should make it right
But no pulse tickles your heart
Floating on Limbo with nothing in sight

Trying to remember the times that you’re happy
Pulling glimpses of joy and smiling blankly
Salvaging anything that’s left of the ravage
You’re happy now so why do you feel like wreckage?

You close your eyes to find peace
A dialogue of fate, you are not to be impeached
I just lost it, the feeling just isn’t the same
Nothing can save you from the pain

With my core filled with guilt there is no way to speak
Your chest tightens with feelings of grief
No better way to end it but this way
Goodbye is way better than living astray
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