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Dec 2013
I am shallow pond to the sea of love
Seeing an Oasis in the mirage of sand
Creating waves that are nowhere but none
Within the slopes of loam I try to run

You filled me up with drops of rain
I soak up all that my body can contain
Pouring like heavens of water to a dessert dry
You pushed deeper into the depths of lime

I let you in, In into my whole
But when you are about to reach my core
The surface calls you back into the world
Leaving this pond into a crater, a pit of endless mourn

With the absence of rain, I thirst for snow
Quenching this urge with remnants of your cold
Waiting for the sun, to dry me up with its scorch
Vanishing like an illusion of water into a drought of summertime
Pong Panugao
Written by
Pong Panugao
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