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poetrylover17 Dec 2017
I've got diamonds on my ears,
Yet my eyes harbour tears.

I've got arms that hold me,
That crush and suffocate me.

I've got love.
Just enough,
To keep me begging for more.
Just enough to not let go.

Forever hoping,
Never wavering.
Always chasing,
The constantly disappointing.

Every racer fast or slow.
Reaches the finish line.
Baby enjoy the chase,enjoy the show.
Your chapter's come to the end,
I'm reading the last lines.

It's been rough and I'm tired.
Tired of running. Of love. Of lies.
But I've got diamonds on my ears now,
And fire in my eyes.
poetrylover17 Apr 2017
And suddenly i see the world differently,
Girls with bright smiles
and slit wrists.
Shining eyes.
Broken pasts.
Shattered beautifully.
Sharp pieces held together carefully,
walking, taking steps forward.
The pieces cutting deeper, inwards.
Fighting, battling.
Hurting, Dying.
****** struggle, Beautiful remains.
     No pain, No gain
            innit mate?
poetrylover17 Jan 2017
And all the graphs, lines and figures.
All these words,verbs and expressions.

Seem to be...
A mechanic drone, a dry monotonic lecture,
By an uninterested , indifferent teacher.
So i closed my eyes shutting out the world.
Drowning their voices, views & wise words.

And like the knight in shining armor,
The savior, the survivor.
I heard it from within.

Rhythmic, continuous, consistent.
Strong, focused, Resilient.
Beat After Beat.
Never giving up, Nor giving in.

Its been this way from the very beginning.
& seemed to find no reason to give in.

I had the answers to my questions.
I knew it was right, So I closed my eyes...
And **Let My Heart Decide.
poetrylover17 Jan 2016
The drastic change,
2 hrs 20 mins.
2 mins 59 seconds.
That's how long we spoke for.
It was long enough.

           The Phone Call.
A phone call.
Is all it takes.
To break down the wall.
To push through my heart,a stake.
My heart cracks a little,at every second.
just want to hold the phone & have u on the other end.
No need for words.
Coz every word hurts.
To say or to hear.
You sound so far yet so near.
I want to scream at how unaffected u seem to be.
Like nothing changed,when how long it has been!
How familiar and distant your voice sounds at d same time.
How u still sound like you did, when you were mine.
I wanna shout at u,stay mad at u,
I wanna hug u, tell u how much ive missed u.
I wanna hang up.
I wanna hold on.
U wreck me.
U break me.
U rebuild me.
U make me.
I smile, through tears.
I laugh ,swallowing the lump in my throat.
You're a monster ,
You're an angel ,
My drug.
My addiction.
My love.
My affliction.
Letting u go too soon to sudden,
Means death to me.
Only time, can determine. Can set me free.
& after time erases time..
I pray i make it out alive.
I apologize if some words/sentences don't make sense or if there are more mistakes than usual. I just typed away any & every word that came into my mind. No editing. No rethinking.
poetrylover17 Nov 2015
So many buildings.
So many boulders.
Yet the sun still finds its way.
To peek through them everyday.
Bright, shining.
Warm, penetrating.
poetrylover17 Nov 2015
Sometimes ,some days, i don't remember who i used to be.
*My childhood, lost among all the flashes & memories

And at times, it hits...
Comes back bit by bit..
Glorious, Mysterious ,Magical.
Pure, Striking, Painful.

I hope one day i find her.
That person i used to be.
But for now,
I hear the smile,
in her words when she sings;

I'll sing to u* ,
The words unspoken..
Remind u of the long forgotten.

Unravel our past,our silenced history.
And darling ,the wind will carry u home.
Carry u home,To me.

i'll find you when i'm ready.
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