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Alex E Jul 2015
You told me
You loved me

Like it had passed through your lips
Ten thousand times
(Like you tell your mom,
Halfway out the door)

Now I cannot stop thinking
About how good those words sounded --
How my heart tore out of me
And followed you down the street.
Alex E Nov 2014
Your kiss draws me deeper
Into parts of you.
And me.
And us.

How wondrous it is
To be like spring -
Feel lightness between our fingertips,
Interlaced like roots pulled firmly
Into ground.
Alex E Aug 2014
I thought we would be
Light green tendrils
Stretching up from blades of grass

But we are the tree limb
And once cut,  
We will not grow again
Alex E Dec 2013
You, still written upon my heart,
Running rampant throughout this body
I cannot lay still enough to sleep.

And each time I turn,
I can feel you forgetting
how my hand feels
in yours.
Alex E Mar 2013
I hold both
      Ying  and Yang
In my heart.
      How confusing to be whole.
Alex E Mar 2012
My body is a battle ground of
Half and half
and whole.

If what should be is here,
where am I now?
Alex E Sep 2011
Breath sinks deep
Into this morning breeze.
I am devouring sunlight,
Bring butterflies into
This stomach.
Keep me here
And love me.
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