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Apr 2011
august- a struggle beneath a mess a face obvious to stress.
september- the summer heat is sticky grosse and u
october - partying fun molly and making out still in love so confused under the spell of this party drug he introduced to me
november- rough and rocky. the part of my life that seemed to be so obvious and prroven that it was too good to be true
december - cold. christmas lights and doubt. a trip bachk home for a week that lasted way to long  ; a trip to washington . who am i becoming.
january - a new year a rave at a highschool like venue a tiny parachute of molly and **** ciggareets and greeed this girl in the mirror, what am i doing.
february- nothing great a part time gig at a floral shop and  a confusion of many things, a list so long it would read all the way to the sun
MARCH - the  first at midnight  12:13 to be precise konstantine is playing
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