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Nov 2014
Numb, stressed, I'll try my best.
Doubt.... Doubt, I should be doing it, but I wonder about
In my head, in this world. I only remember swirls.
I think I know what I should, but I'm not sure if i'll get it.
I have time, i'll use it, I could. Nah, Forget it.
These are the last set of cards on the table.
My friends and family encouraged me, I am able,
But I want to be more. How could I be more and stay distracted,
Everything that should help is over, I'm on my own now,
Waiting to play my deck of cards. Will I win the big Sum, or lose it all.
The path that happens after, It makes me crawl,
In a shell on the inside. I need more time!
The clock ticks, time's running out.
I play my Queens, Kings and Jack.
They are all in place.
I have one card left. Is it ace?
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