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Nov 2014
Maybe some people are meant to be unhappy,no matter what.
Even though it seems their life is one that many might envy of,
they're still feeling like they are being chained by the ordinariness of life
and perpetually wishing the wanted adventure
that so many seek but so little find.
The constant wondering about what it's like to be whole again
is eating them away
and they can't understand why this void is always coming back,
even when they're happy,
even when they seem happy,
even though they're actually been pretending the whole time.
That's the thing about life-
some are predestinated to be reckless souls
content with the every aspect of life,
while others only dream of being that close to what they might refer as happiness.
Nothing is sufficient
and everything is seemingly empty
and the help is oh so needed, constantly echoing
through every fiber of their being.
Written by
   --- and Juneau
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