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Nov 2014
My momma is better than your momma
She cook better she look better
She can make flowers grow
She can beat yo daddy with tae kwon do My momma is the best there is
Pass any test there is Had to in order to raise us kids She can take
some bread and fish And a thang if water. She can make Any dish and
feed us with enuff For seconds. Thank you, Lord!
Cuz even tho we can't afford
Somehow my momma got us everything we asked for

My momma is better than your momma
She the cool momma on the block
Have my friends askin could we pls switch spots She can turn rain into
sun Turn a belt into a gun Carry a burden that weighs a ton And keep
her hair and her nails done My momma is number 1 Ain't no competition
You may think yo momma is great But my momma make yo momma Wanna slap
her momma for not Bein my momma

My momma is better than your momma
You can't tell me she ain't
My momma can fix pipes electronics
Change tires mix paint
She can preach to preacher
Out drink a drinker
Throw a curve slider and a sinker
She can make somethin outta nothin
And if you give her somethin...
She can double that somethin give you
Your somethin flip somethin and have 2 stacks double or nothin

My momma is better than your momma
I think everyone can agree
My momma is better than your momma
She is the best ever you see
She is the village that raise the kids Can't nobody attempt the things
she did She can run like the wind She is the most caring most lovin
Woman ever. Long as yo **** is home by 10.
You mite think your mom is better
But I'm a tell ya she don't compare
Cuz my momma got your momma beat from her feet to her hair

My momma is better than your momma
For this I love her so
I am the plant she nurtured
I am the flower that she made grow
Her voice calms me and takes me
Back to the days when she would hold me Close to her and protect me
Especially when I was afraid I know there are many mothers They all
love with a love that only God knows They are compassionate caring
loving and it shows But those moms are cool but I can't put them above
the Woman that I call mother hopefully 1 day I can show her the way
she loves me
Lytrell Howard
Written by
Lytrell Howard  The Ice Palace
(The Ice Palace)   
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