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Nov 2014
We as people can take a lot from plants.
If plants were to speak, they would remain silent;
for they truth is, they have nothing to say.
They have nothing to worry their feeble lives with;
They fear nothing and accept everything.
And most importantly, they accept death.
Everyday they get closer to death,
even watch as parts of them die.
But it does not quit.
The plant fuels the part of it that still lives,
despite the rest of its broken body.
That is what we must learn:
We must continue to live no matter how hurt we are,
yet when the time comes for Death to take our hand,
we should cherish its touch and leave-
with nothing more than happiness.
this was for a project in English class where we had to pretend we were a Transcendentalist. This tenet was for "Do Not Fear Death"
Written by
Nikki  Virginia
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