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Nov 2014
One Wish

As you stare at the snow,
  beginning to fall
You wish for  strength,
  to finally tell all
In the middle of the forest,
so lonely and cold
Wishing for someone,
to have and to hold
Close your eyes,
set your love free
And  now find out,
  what's meant to be
On a rock near by,
  sits a friend to hear
All your thoughts,
once such a fear
You begin to tell,
  pain in your heart
Hoping for a way,
  to make a new start
The friend just listens,
  as good friends should
Wanting to do more,
  if only he could
You open your eyes,
and feel brand new
And feel the change,
  that has happened to you
Your wish has come true,
  you can now freely share
Feelings so deep,
  with someone who care's
But others have wishes,
  as you find out too
That the friend near by,
  had a wish like you
In your feelings,
his wish was found
As the snow starts to melt,
  all around
If  you know what it was,
the friend wished  for
You may understand this poem,
  and so much more
This was written many years ago, one of the first i ever wrote and saved.
Tommy Allen
Written by
Tommy Allen  55/M/Redding California
(55/M/Redding California)   
   K G and unknown
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