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Nov 2014
there is a desert, lives inside me
she grows large, while I grow tiny

she likes to come around at times throughout the day
she puts my mind to sleep and keeps my friends at bay

when did she come? I do not know
how'd she arrive? When will she go?

I think and think and think and think until I fall asleep
and when I wake I cannot speak, can't even make a peep

she grows and grows within me, too fast to slow her down
but one can live inside me, how will I push her out?

It is hard to make decisions, they always lead to strife
but one here must be made, to end the others life

I plunge into this vacuum, ready for some fighting
I grab my bag of weapons and feel my blood igniting

I pull out creativity and she pulls out aggression
I then pull out vitality and she pull out depression

one swing one hit, one cut one blow, we battle on equitably
it looks as though I just might lose, she raises up formidably

high above her head, she wields one self-destruction
inside my mind I build one final plan construction

because I cannot fathom to let her win this fight
I take out my last weapon, and ****** my own life.
Savannah N
Written by
Savannah N  Kentucky
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