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Nov 2014
Hourglasses glued onto tabletops
Clocks that will stop ticking
A song that will end at a motion of the conductor’s hand
So are the lives we hold
So stop being afraid of living
Have an adventure in a city you’ve never heard of
Try on clothes you’d never dream of wearing
Jump into a pool fully clothed
Create art even when your brain says you shouldn’t
Say the things you were always too afraid to say
Love the people you were always too afraid to love
And stop wasting your time hating yourself
You cannot hate yourself into loving yourself
Be kind to those around you
And don’t forget to be kind to yourself
Hold his hand in the pouring rain
Kiss her cheek
Loose yourself in a book you always said you would never read
Fall in love with a fictional character
Then have your heart broken when the author decides it is their time to die
Tell the stories you were always too afraid to tell
Call that soul you miss deep inside your heart
Even if it’s 2AM
Remember that cameras and cell phones can only capture photos
They cannot capture memories and moments
Don’t waste your time capturing more pictures than memories
Don’t waste your time wondering what people will think of you
It does not matter what people think of you
Don’t forget to live
Don’t forget to love
Don’t forget to forgive
Don’t forget to ask for forgiveness
Remember that our bodies are not meant to enter the grave
Well preserved, without a single scratch
We should arrive at our graves exhausted, battered
Hearts filled with the adrenaline of adventure
And shout with our last breath, “****! What a journey!”
Life is messy
Life is hard
But most importantly, life
Only comes once
There are second chances in life
But there are no second chances at life
Rachel Morris
Written by
Rachel Morris  Broken Arrow
(Broken Arrow)   
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