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Rachel Morris Sep 2016
I still lift my voice in song
To a God I no longer believe in
Not for my sake,
but for yours.
I am afraid of your heart breaking in two
When you find out that mine no longer yearns for Jesus.
Rachel Morris Sep 2016
Your kisses taste like
My morning cup of coffee
Awakes me inside
Rachel Morris Feb 2016
A birdwatcher
A bus driver
A golfer
An airman
A man
With strong hands and a firm heart
And “the nosiest man alive”
According to his wife
A great-grandfather
A grandfather
A father
A friend
With unconditional compassion for all
Remembered by everyone who encountered him  
The truest example of love and kindness
Now, may his legacy live on through the hearts he changed
For his soul is now at peace.
Remembering and celebrating the life of my sweet Grandfather.
  Nov 2015 Rachel Morris
Dhaye Margaux
You are my coffee
Not just in the morning
You keep me awake even at night
With thought of you that's never ending
Thank you for chosing this piece for the Daily.  This is my first so I am so happy, grateful and more inspired to write.
Rachel Morris Nov 2015
Discovering you is like discovering the ocean
A vast oasis of never ending secrets
Which have the power to captivate, confuse, convict, and cut
Deep into the hearts that care so deeply for you
  Nov 2015 Rachel Morris
Francie Lynch
If you've a writer's block,
Keep chiselling.
You'll get relief
When you release the piece.
Rachel Morris Nov 2015
A fool, unaware, naïve, and immature
Invincible through all my bones
How wrong I was
Slowly slightly changing

Now counting down days until tomorrow
Unsure of what tomorrow holds
Restless soul of mine
Refuses remain still

Adventurous spirit flows throughout my veins
Creating new ways to love
Giving forth my all
Proving them wrong
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