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Nov 2014
After years of thorough research
Total secret from Christian Church
Friends and family have no idea
I invented a perfect panacea

Crafted malleable Time Machine
No one on Earth could have foreseen
Anneal and temper machine was built
To facilitate life -- lived to the hilt

You want to go back in time with me ?
Heed the rules and then we'll see
Can’t change the past, nor save Lincoln
Not the purpose if that’s your thinking

The warp of time starts from the heart
You'll feel the change when we depart
Enclosure fits two, no more can go
Both make amends no quid pro quo

Now press the button, pull on my Vandyke
On that brave moment super nova shall strike
Abscond, attempt to destroy temporal might
Your angst will build walls no more, in flight
This is the first from a parallel series of The Time Machine and Sir Thomas de Charney Templar Knight.   Each time I edit it a bit as I am more into meter now and this one is a bit "off" but brings back good memories when I started writing poetry.   Some of the lines are in iambic tetrameter, some start in trochaic prosody;   I'll keep refining along the way as I travel through time.    Thanks.  Thomas
Written by
Thomas  Texas
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