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Nov 2014
A white knight, shining in golden armor.
The apple in your eyes.
A step to close.
Asking for far too much.

I asked myself, did I lose a part of myself?
Only receiving an answer full of poisonous snakes.
It makes me ill, thinking of your face.
Won't you take me out of my cage?

Was I a knight, shining in golden armor,
or was I just a step too close?
Did I ask for too much?
My soul for redemption.
Tarnished from your touch.

I'll tell you any thing;
a mouse standing tall in front of a snake.
My armor shining golden.
I'll tell you anything;
about how rare it's actually seeing your face.
The vague reflections of what we had.
--and I know you'll **** me in the end.

But I want to know...
   I want to know...

Am I anything at all?
Written by
     Juneau, Stephen E Yocum, ---, kendall, --- and 6 others
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