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Jan 2011
An abandoned mutt
sits under a flickering streetlight
in the blowing snow
of January.

His white fur
blends effortlessly
with the blizzard.

The glow
of his sad eyes
the only beacon
to alert his presence.

Like a lighthouse,
he sweeps his head
from left to right
as if calling
to the ocean
to return a lost lover.

Except the ships are cars
which pass by him
as ruthlessly as the waves
mocking the forlorn lover
as they wash nothing
on the beach.

I call to him.

His eyes dart
in my direction
and for a split second
the melancholy eyes
are hopeful.

Upon seeing my face,
hope fades

and he returns
to sweeping
left to right

like a lighthouse
for a lost lover.
All rights reserved by the author.
Written by
Tyler Kelley
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