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Tyler Kelley Jul 2011
He sits at Starbucks
because that's where he
is told he should be
to become somebody.

They say:
β€œAll great thoughts hit
when they are expected;
while you sit with
pen and paper.”

So, he sits and
waits all day til,
overcome by languor,
he heads home.

The wind and rain are blinding
but the light is getting brighter.
He stops to write it down -
then it hits him.

The driver in the car
can't see either.
Tyler Kelley Mar 2011
One New Notification

A sudden vibration interrupts
Billie Joe Armstrong
just before the chorus
of Shenanigans' fourteenth track.

My Blackberry Pearl decided
to inform me
of one new notification
from Hotmail.

Annoyed, I hurriedly
scroll to the interference
to check what was such important
breaking news:

CNN Breaking News
--  U.S. Military launches missiles against Gadhafi's forces in Lybia ... *

With a slight grin,
I press *Resume Song

with a new appreciation
for Mike Dirnt.
Tyler Kelley Mar 2011
I find it hard
to Master bate in public
with people looking.
Tyler Kelley Feb 2011
Rumors are swirling
about what that little shepherd boy
is doing with those sheep
on the other side of the hill.

He has been watching that flock
for far too long
and no one has seen Old Jed
for quite some time.

He said he would come back
for his sheep,
but I have a sneaking suspicion
Old Jed is dead

and that little ******* shepherd
keeps all the wool
for himself.
Tyler Kelley Feb 2011
It's in the air.



The whole world
watches in anticipation
as this young team
topples the Autocrats
in thrilling fashion.

However, they are far from finished.

This is just
the first
of many opponents
they will face
in this tournament.

But tonight,
they are celebrating
in Cairo.
ailurophile - n. a cat lover
Tyler Kelley Feb 2011
A woman
waits in line behind two kids
at the corner

She watches them
take their candy,
get on their bikes,
and ride away.

She sets her Ramen
and antacids
on the counter

and half smiles
at the seventeen year-old
high school drop out.

Without making eye contact,
he tells her:

She hands him the last
of her cash
with an apology.

As he opens the drawer,
she fumbles under her coat
and her trembling hand
pulls out the gun...
All rights reserved by the author.
Tyler Kelley Feb 2011
The Raven
is the most
creature in

He comes in the night
to give the truth
no matter
if you want to hear it.
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