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Oct 2014
"So, there is this guy," the famous last words, before indefinite heartbreak.
She knew she should't fall so hard, not just for his, but her sake.
But it was to late, she was head over heels for him, and he was falling more & more.
She was like a ship on the ocean and she was way to far from shore.
She was losing her grip on reality, and falling into this love drunk state of mind.
All the bad things were gone and all the feelings were kind.

They are so different yet one in the same.
They will be that couple where everyone knows their name.
Famous Last Words, I am in love with you.
No way to say it without fear of what the other will say or do.
But she whispered it as her walls began to crumble down before her eyes.
Now she has someone to listen and hold her as she cries.

He listens and makes her happy when no one else can.
She is his biggest fan.
He makes her laugh when all she wants to do is cry.
She has let those Famous Last Words out of her mouth and she feels like she can fly.
The pain and the heartache is almost gone, but there is still a little piece sayin, "No."
But it's to late her heart and her mind are in different places, and she wants to go.

She was once so lost and broken, then her angel came and he showed her hope.
Now when she is going though something he is there to help her cope.
There is a reason they are called Famous Last Words, they are the ones that stay..
Those words can make or break anyone's day.
She has whispered them as she held out a shattered heart for hime to love.
He has given his Famous Last Words and his heart fits with hers like a glove.
Rebel Angel
Written by
Rebel Angel  21/F/Saint Cloud
(21/F/Saint Cloud)   
   Inkveined and Levi Andrew
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