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Oct 2014
White walls always closing in,
too bright lights make it impossible to see hope,
prayers hang suspended in the air,
never coming, never going,
the walls have taken them prisoner as well,
each second is more painful than the last,
wondering if this could be the last time,
I see the glimmer in your eyes,
and constantly fearing the moment
when I will learn to tell the difference
between slumber and death,
guilt is always present,
loitering in the corners of the too bright walls,
faults that cannot be proven,
but they are given all the same,
children walk with tired feet,
and at times it is almost easy to see their hearts slowing down,
along with their will to fight,
these too bright walls are a sad imitation
of the energy and cleanliness they supposedly represent,
because this place, is filled with the weakest people I have ever seen,
and every day the moment comes,
when in these small white rooms,
the beat goes still in a heart that has already given up,
and the thoughts leave a mind that was already long lost,
and everyday another arrives to take the last one’s empty spot,
and it is only a race to see who can outlast who,
and who has the desire to try at all.
oliviah rachael
Written by
oliviah rachael
   r and Harley Hucof
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