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Oct 2014
We were the same,
Crazy but tame.
Took nothing to numb our pain,
We ran through the rain.

But we crashed.

You now have guy,
Who gets drunk and high.
You love him and although you are losing time,
You've got this sorta mirror where you can hide.

But I know that you will crash.

Met a girl from around here,
She somewhat reminds me or you my dear.
Except, like that trash that you surely don't fear,
She been on drugs and happiness for years.

But I know that we too will crash.

See the irony? Because it's blinding me,
We split apart to find the same missing piece.
One that does all the stuff we don't allow ourselves to seize.
A guide to the fun chaotic college life that we both think we need.

But we both know we will crash together.
I think she is just so neat.
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