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Oct 2014
If I could have a day alone with you,
I know exactly what I'd want to do.
Take you to my dorm and show you my room.
Let you admire my half decent street view.
We'd talk for hours and laugh away the past,
Things would be new and we wouldn't really care if it would last.
We came here for the love and we'd try are best to not take it too fast.
Filling the void we'd stitch up the gap no matter how vast.
I'd put my arms around you again,
Hold you tight to me my old close friend.
Not really sure what kind of signals you'd want to send.
I'd smile that big smile, I knew we didn't break up it was just a bend.
Sit you down on my bed I swear you aren't being used.
Wouldn't believe that we've returned after being set loose.
Now though, we would be there home together in our roost.
A spark in the fire would erupt, "Want to listen to some Muse?"
I'd love to have that day with you.

"But now I have finally seen the end.
And I'm not expecting you to care.
But I have finally seen the light.
I have finally realized.
I need your love.
Come to me,
Just in a dream.
Come on and rescue me.
Yes I know, I can't be wrong,
And baby, you're too headstrong.
Our love is madness." - Muse
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