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Sep 2014
You know what?

I'm better because I'm crazy.
Isn't that simple to see?
You'll never get that same psychotic grin,
That you always get from me.
Remember the look in my eyes,
The blood and the tears?
All those ****** up times,
We've shared throughout the years?
Those violent encounters,
With our other sides.
Pinned you to the bed and sunk teeth in deep,
I hope you know that was never a lie.
It must be apparent that I'd love to rip you to shreds,
In that old loving way.
The fun we'd have again,
The things we'd do if I had you back for a day.
Guess I can't help myself,
I really need to get my fix.
Been to long without screams and pain,
Followed with a tender kiss.
My bed is never made,
I sleep different every night.
Guess I'll just look for someone new,
Until then I write.

Door is open, I know you felt the urge, even the slightest pull. You felt it...
We talked on what would have been 1 year and 7 Months... odd.
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