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Sep 2014
A stranger passed me by today,
Smile on his face and kindness in his eyes.
He looked directly at me with that familiar look,
I think I used to know that guy.

He waved to me and said hello as he walked by,
I gave him a slight nod and exhaled a "hi" in return.
Kept trying to avoid his eyes, but he just couldn't keep them to himself,
When will this guy ever learn?

Can't he see I've changed and I'm happy where I am?
None of what we had is there anymore.
You aren't anything to me so stop acknowledging me,
When will you leave me alone?

Your only purpose in my life was to be a mistake,
A road I took my time crossing but crossed none the less.
You've gone from everything to nothing in a matter of seconds,
When I see your face in the crowd I cringe, give it a rest.

I am so far away from you now,
Abandon our old hopes and dreams of us.
I've changed into something new and better, can't you see that?
I don't need you anymore, blow away with the dust.

So when I see you,
Be grateful for that nod.
You are a stranger now, you're nothing to me,
Don't call me love, you've been cut off.
I'd say it ***** but I can't stop smiling.
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