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Jan 2011
When dawn unfolds on a town's older region
Sunrise crawls across cobblestone streets
Autumn break speaks its opening greets
I say an urban dream world comes into vision

I walk these archaic avenues alone
Following the lead of my oversized shadow
Astringent cold awakens my face and neck
While a glinting sun slowly pats my back

Past gothic fencing and cream-colored brick
Concrete bridges veined with vines
Damp shades of wood stare from the park
A fountain shines at the heart of the square

The muffled click of claws against curb
From blackbirds prodding the lower scenery
Shares the air with benevolent fumes
Of bakery bread and chimney smoke

Porch lights fading in soft succession
The radius of light extends its exuberance
Reflections expanding in dark shop windows
The first opened door soon taints the silence

In time the usual routines exude
An old piece of map slowly stirs to life
Another new chapter from torn, yellowed pages
Is resurrected into a tangible shape & stripe
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