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Sep 2014
I am exhausted
with the weight of my
bones, with the weight
of your bones
in my arms.

You fell to your knees
in the dust of the road,
gathered dirt in tiny whirlwinds
around you and begged

to know why your robes were filthy.
The brightest streaks you had left
were where our tears dripped
into the handsewn folds.
You cried for your blindness,
I cried for your tears.

We sobbed to the moon—
to Diana, Elatha—
the only gods we atheists could stand;
their crescents smiled on us.
You covered your head while I
danced in the tear-stained
dirt, sandals tickling the edge
of the high road, sending
little rocks over and down
onto the sandy heads of camels

below. I laughed while
you wailed and when I knelt
to pull your hands into mine
you shrank
into your whirlwinds of mud,
crying, “Wicked!”,
hissing, “Harlot!”
the official version has indents but I'm too lazy to deal with them in these idiot editors that won't take a ******* tab input.
Written by
featherfingers  swpa
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