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Sep 2014
So we know what the world gives us. And after treating your body as something only used to tell time, we find that what makes us human, usually makes us more.
So now, if at it's composition, something is as much of what it can possibly be, there is always a corner in the world that keeps it's opposite.
Even with you and me.
People talk of living as if we do not die every single day, in more ways than one. Some times, it is because of people, some times it is because the lacking of them.
We talk of living as if we do it so well, but we still have no idea why the heart begins to beat.
We learn the most at birth, and the rest of the time we are just practicing how to lose things.
How to be places without leaving them.
And when we become so much of ourselves that we see others as places, then we turn into nothing but tourists to every person we meet, taking home things that help us forget that despite where we are, there is only one place we are ever supposed to be.
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