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Sep 2014
Guess what,
You're reading this right now love.
You don't really care,
You're just curious.
Don't worry I get it.

But why are you here though,
What right do you have?
You left me broken and alone,
Yet you still hang on for my words.
Maybe I never actually left your head.

How does this make you feel?
You always liked to check on your exs.
I changed my name,
And you followed me here.
But since I have you, why not look around?

Will you dare to read a love poem,
The ones that proves that this last year was real.
All those words inspired by your promises.
Or are those thoughts amputated,
Trying to rid yourself of this disease.

What did they tell you?
That I was manipulating you do to what I want?
I did everything for you.
Let me take you back.
Think of the good times, they didn't have to end.  

Guess what I know?
I know your afraid of me.
I love that, it's so cute.
So why not play with fire some more?
After all we still have a world to burn.
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