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Jan 2011
You know that girl,
the one that you're with.
You've given her chances,
more than she even deserves.
And yett, still, you're with her,
when you have someone else.
Someone who's standing infront of you,
staring you in the eyes.
Someone who wants everything,
that you want and more.
Someone who believes in you,
even when everything's wrong.
Who understands when you're upset,
when things go wrong.
And she's always there,
like she has been for years.
she never left your side,
even when you left hers.
When you pulled that disappearing act,
but then suddenly returned.

This girl, the one you're with,
how many chances have you given her?
How many times have you wasted,
chance after chance.
Night after night coaxing her,
apologizing for your 'wrongs'.
Listening to her apologize,
but I know it means nothing.

Everytime I hear you talk about her,
I cringe, my heart speeds up.
I feel my blood coarsing through my veins,
I feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.
This is wrong, don't you see?
you're just not meant to be together.
Why can't you see that ?
why don't you just walk away?

She does nothing but hurt you,
and it kills me.
It kills me to see you hurt like that,
after all these years.
After watching her yell at you,
after hearing her talk about you.
I can't stand it,
I can't help it.

I just want you,
With me tonight,

**Why can't you see that?
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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