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Sep 2014
She lied and will deny any thoughts she had at the time.
Loved and lost I can't find where to go and keep asking why.
U think it's denial, but I've walked so far on these calloused feet.  
These days drag on as I wait for the eye contact I deserve.  

Where is the switch you flipped, we could both use some light.
Help me help you to help me so I won't need to help myself.
Y do you think I am nothing, can't you remember anything?

Are you afraid of me? You moved away when I moved closer...
Running from the train is pointless if you stick to the tracks.
No one has the love for you that I have, can't you see that?
The things I'd do to have you again.

You're the one who diagnosed me as insane.
Our love was that of two cannibals tearing each other apart.
U amazed me with your presence, thoughts, and love.

Maybe it wouldn't even work again.
I wish I just had the chance to find out.
Nobody compares to even a single aspect of you
Everything is all smiles till I'm alone in bed with familiar city sounds.
The hole was made too long ago to not be empty by now, right?
Then why isn't it?
Written by
   stΓ©phane noir
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