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Jan 2011
You talk of her,
that girl you're with.
My feelings for you,
I've tried to dismiss.

All this time,
you know how I've felt.
But for me I put,
my feelings on a shelf.

You tell me of her,
your arguments and fights.
As I look out the window,
into the night.

"What's the point,
of being together.
When you can't fix the storm,
you've tried to weather?"

You tell me you don't know,
that you're really unsure.
You both know it's over,
you being with her.

But no one has the guts,
to just pull the plug.
And you don't want,
to be the one.

"Grow some *****,
won't you please?"
In my mind,
I'm begging on my knees.

"Fine I will!", you say,
as you lean in towards me.
I can feel my heart flutter,
then sink down to my feet.

A silence falls,
between me and you.
I'm at lost for words,
or what to do.

"Listen," I say,
as I look toward your eyes.
"I can't be with someone,
within a million lies...

"I can't be with someone,
who can't be with my fully.
Until you break up with her,
this is how it is, hunny."

I look out the window,
as I begin to cry.
I don't know if you realize,
how much I wish you were mine.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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