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Jan 2011
You're confusing,
and you make my head spin,
and anger is only rising.
You're the only one,
who only hurts me,
with this pointless goodbyeing.
And I want your touch,
and only you,
this feeling hurts so much.
You say one word,
but then you replace it,
the truth from some girl.
You finally get it out,
the truth I want,
as I begin to shout.
And now, I have,
what I wanted all along,
from this stupid mishap.
But I have to console,
me by myself,
in this world alone.

You're amazing,
you're sweet,
and oh so charming.
Your eyes,
they're gorgeous,
I wish you were mine.
Making me fall into you,
making me a fool.
with all you say and do.

Now I sit here,
comtemplating life,
shedding tears.
Holding the blade,
inches away,
decision to be made.
Knowing I'm giving in,
spiraling into addiction,
regretting all my sins.
That old addiction I've fought,
kept away for months,
Forgetting all I was taught.

This is me,
this is failure,
this is falling apart.
These are thoughts,
I can't expresses,
Hidden in my heart.
T'here's not really a consistant rhyming scheme to this poem, I know, but I was aiming for expression.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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