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Jan 2011
Have you ever wondered,
if you'll ever find someone.
Who loves you, for you,
whose heart is unconditonal.
Someone who lives to make you,
happier than you could ever imagine.
A person who holds you,
and makes you feel safe.
A man who you can hug, kiss,
and fall into completely.
Someone who you can trust,
with every secret and every mistake.
Someone who doesn't judge you,
who loves you right or wrong.
A person that, with them,
everything is right.

Have you ever been scared,
that nothign will work.
That it all falls apart,
because you're doing something wrong.
That it's all your fault,
that nothing is right.
Have you ever doubted yourself?
have you ever doubted the world?
Have you ever wondered,
when will it be my turn.
For things to go right,
for things to work out.

The world keeps spinning,
while I stand here,
*Why ...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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