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Dec 2010
I don't belong,
I don't believe,
I don't feel ...

This is how I was,
this is what it was like.
before my thoughts,
before I felt.
I didn't belong,
I felt outcasted.
If you can't take me,
for who I am,
then why,
just please tell me why,
should I put myself there,
in a place,
where I don't belong anymore ?

I've found better things,
a place I can be,
and never feel misplaced.
I've found better people,
who accept me for me.
So tell me now,
why in the world,
would I go back to a place,
where I just don't belong anymore ?

People change, feelings fade,
nothing stays the same.
I still consider you,
every one of you,
a friend.
Someone who's changed my life,
but I don't belong here,
so I'm going somewhere,
with someone,
where I belong.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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