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Aug 2014
The times are a changing and with it people change too. There was this cosmic tool handed down to me and I am obliged to use it. The ancient’s voice their opinion through my being, I simply add the eyes that see the New Age approaching. The Old Trees and the land is shrinking and their cries fill my eyes with tears. The ghostly natives whisper wisdom in my nightmares of apocalypse. Their heart is the heart of Gaia and Gaia’s heart is having an attack. The blood of man has spilled for too long and I don’t want to use that as my ink. New face of war, technological war, info war, consciousness war.  
It’s up to the artist now to open the third eye. Whatever that Art maybe I hope its an Art that leads to peaceful freedom and if it doesn’t, it is the Art of death.  Battle of light & Dark.
The light in you will spark the light in others.
revolution art individual freedom change consciousness soul earth
Christian Ek
Written by
Christian Ek
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