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Aug 2014
It's quite the smell
Of the ocean, cliffs below
Waves crushing rocks
Wearing them down
With the smell of the sea

Around us, held by the forest
Pines prevalent, highlight the remoteness
Keeping us secluded, safe
From the crowds, from the people
Masses of eyes, always stripping me
******* and molesting me
Imagining their hands on me

Far away, far above
Embracing the taste of salt on the air
Blankets of pine needles
Nature's rug for the barefoot soul
Here I can be naked

Baring my soul, free
I can write, leave my mark
Feel the sun rise behind me
And expose my ink,
For the world to see

Not alone, he protects
Pressing against me, held
Not a burden, not anymore
A warmth, love, of being
Nature' fences and emotional
Security; every sense supporting
And given to just me
I am so happy right now, I wish these moments could last forever
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
     Rada, Josh Bass, ---, ---, Mercurychyld and 6 others
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