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Dec 2010
So cold
let me call you December
let show you how I feel
let me emphty my self of resin
let me wash in red tonight

you mead me you're little copy
you mead me you're bedtime snack
you mead me a prisen in side my heart
and I live in it today

you're eyes where allways on me
you're lips scar me
you're voeis owns me
you're child grows inside of me
you're body crushes me
you're mine,

liveing in the darkness
holding on to nothing
eating tears for breakfist
smoking posin to forget
rapeing little girls
crying now you're human
sleeping next to me tonight

little boy
no one ever thought you
nothing ever fazed you
I'm the only one that saw you
now I'm the one who make you cry

may I say no more
may I bleed no more
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