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Dec 2010
Calling All The Creeps

I know my hair has caught your sense of humour.
My tacky T-Shirts have made you scold even more.
My lame accent disgusts you so bad.
Like a clown failing to cheer his audience up so pathetic and sad.

But you know nothing about me.
Nothing about how i am so free.
Nothing about what i have seen.
Nothing about what i have been.

I may be lame or not popular.
Hiding like a rat in dark cellars.
Invinsible to many who turn me down.
As embarrassed as a King without his crown.

But i possess one that you do not.
I know how to fasten my string and tye it with a knot.
I see things that are invinsible to you;
Dreams that are too good to be true.

Calling all the creeps in the world.
I fight morality balance so bold.
No eyes are too blind to see a beauty.
No man is too weak to do a duty.

I am a creep...
I am calling all the creeps...
Nobody is to peep...
Everyone think deep!

We are the creeps of the world...
Let's fight so bold...
Through our veins our songs will seep...
Stand up you creeps...
Written by
Fred McCarthy
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