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Dec 2010
at least once a day,
I'd like to slap you across the face
Knock some sense into your brain
Maybe, just maybe
then you'll see
What you have some people would
And you're willing to just up
and throw all of it away
What is wrong with you ?
You have parents, married, together
you have a beautiful house
a father who works hard every day
to provide for you and give you the world
a mother who cooks and cleans
It's a home from the sixties
and don't you see?
They work hard each day so you don't have to
they have given you a list
a million and one
oppourtunities in this world
We may not agree with some things
there are some things wrong, yes
But when you stand back
and you look at all they've given you
given you out of love
why are you willing to just up
and throw it all away ?
When you look into any household
there's always problems
But yours, they don't compare
You have money saved to go to college
you can be anything you want to be
and not worry about spending any of your own money
They've provided it all for you
to live a happy healthy life
You're all set
But you're all set to leave
to throw it all away
Loving parents, still together,
a beautiful home,
oppourtunities we only wish to have
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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