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Aug 2014
It's right there
All I have to do is close my hand
But it's me, always me
Too scared, built on fear
Everything is too much
Retreat, if not, TEAR
Burn bridges, just run

Everything I wanted
Let me have it all
A silver platter
I'll knock it down
See it clatter
Dent it, all
Break it

One more time

I want it so bad
Something healthy
Pure and fine
Silvered lining
And mine

Someday in Heaven
All these choices
Be clear
Right now
Too close

It's anxiety's fear
What would I do?
Who could I be?
Something he sees
I'm afraid it's not me

What if he's right?
I could be what I love
If happiness is so near
How do I cope?
Where would I run?
To him, arms open wide
To have and to hold?

Could he really still what I hide?
All my demons inside?
My mother's voice
Raising concern, harping
Shrill and painful

Raising doubt
Making me hate
Scared of myself
Bringing strife
Encouraging lies
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
   shadow girl and Jonny Angel
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