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Dec 2010
The memory doesn't fade,
the words and hurt.
It doesn't go away,
the day he lifted up my shirt.

He fiddled with my belt,
and then with his own.
But when I tried to say stop,
my voice was not my own.

I knew I was inferior,
to his touch and weight.
I knew what happened then,
I would forever hate.

I screamed as loud,
as I possibly could.
But no one could hear,
and no one ever would.

My pants slipped down,
choking back tears.
This moment cause me,
a life full of fear.

His hands on my wrists,
holding me down.
His weight on top of me,
my back to the ground.

I loved him once,
something I regret,
Then he hurt me,
and I haven't forgotten yet.

It hurts to remember,
but I can not forget.
That moment in time,
I so deeply regret.

Was it my fault?
did I deserve this.
The life I had then,
every painful kiss since.

It was all my fault,
I tried to say no.
I couldn't wiggle out,
I couldn't run or go.

It didn't matter before,
and it doesn't now.
A distant memory,
I try to get over some how ..
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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