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Aug 2014
It's a testament to strength
The building or rebuilding
Of love
Where it was once fallen
It grows once more
Stronger now
Far more, evermore

When you look to its eyes
You can't see it without
Looking inward at your own self
Replace all the negative you find
And replace with your lover's eyes

A self, so fragile
With the baggage of a lifetime
Ego and pride to tell yourself
Not to break
An already broken heart
But to mend, heal
The goal of true love

One day at a time
Brings the closure to wounds
Replacing all those words
Fat, skinny, empty, fear
Washing over anxiety

Love exists, it breathes
With every embrace
A needed hug, a quick kiss
When he looks at you
Asks what he can do
Kisses you goodnight
Blesses you good morning

It's the time spent
The commitment of love
With his every breadth
Every touch, every glance
He loves me
Sorry for all the depressing poems prior... What can I say? I'm all over the place emotionally, but I'm trying.
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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