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Aug 2014
Think before you speak, that's what they always say.
But my mind is like a bomb and it keeps ticking away.
Ticking and ticking, and soon it's gonna blow.
I don't know how to rewire it, to make it not explode.
So words flow out of me, with no warning or hold.
And I wanna say only words of love but it's hard to control,
all I say and all I feel. I try to put you first.
But it's not that easy, and I'm sorry you got hurt.

Cause my mind is like a labyrinth and I'm no Hercules.
And I've got no Greek goddess with magic string to help me see,
where I am going. I am completely lost.
And I can hear the ticking get faster, theres just 10 seconds on the clock.
It winds down to 9 and finally I think of something to say
Then it goes to 8 and that thought has gone away.
And in the blink of an eye I go from seven to 1.
In the blink of an eye my time is done.

And every time I talk to you, this is what goes on in my head.
It's like talking to you makes me brain dead.
You carry a little 10 second bomb with every word you say.
Puts me in a cycle, and it drives me insane.
And so no matter how insensitive, these words flow from my mouth.
And before I can stop they're already out.
This labyrinth, this maze, with a bomb I can never reach to shut off.
Just ticks till it explodes and then resets it's own watch.

And I'm sorry I can't control it, I swear that I've tried.
But to get it to stop working I would have to die.
Blow it up before it blows up inside of my head.
And so if you think that I'd be better off dead,
Then alive causing you pain or grief,
For all the damage I've caused I'll do you this one deed.

Next time the clocks ticks down, it'll go down right, 3, 2 and now one.
But this time it's not words that flow out when it explodes,
No this time it's blood.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
   Chuck and Callum Wood
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