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Aug 2014
Drowning, numb to fate
I want to let it all go
Bring peace to where
I wouldn't know
It's all a mess

Emotional swirls
Flushing all away
I just can't believe
He promised, vowed
And I meant nothing
Robbed of hopes
Mentally *****

It's a dark, dark soul
Evil in its form
To act without concern
To think to ones self
I just don't care

Who is this *****?
Another broken soul?
Why couldn't she find her own
Someone loves her
Much I'm sure
Tortured, now
There is no cure

Hatred consumes me
Burns with passion
A mess of flame
So confusing
Broken love

How is this?
I still love
How pathetic am I?
What does this make me?
Am I ***** like that?
Round and round
Circles, patterns pass
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
   life's jump
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