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Jul 2014
It feels so forbidding,
And yet so permitting,
To be behind the teachers desk.
To be in control, and have the power to scroll through papers and mess.
It feels so pleasing to be seizing the grade book
And take a look.
Behind the teachers desk,
That's where I like to be,
Behind the teachers desk,
The chair waits for me.
The false sense of power and control,
Drive me through to be on patrol.
Behind the teachers desk,
Yes that's the place for me,
Behind the teachers desk,
Working patiently.
Oh Mrs. Weber,
Oh Misses Me!
How you work so wonderfully,
Behind the teachers desk!
Who is the teacher?
Not me!
The ghost of a 6th grade me; a lost poem found
Kimberly Weber
Written by
Kimberly Weber  F/Nevada
   Gwenyth Godfrey
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