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Jul 2014
My number four
Lucky four, I always said
You're leaving now
In and gone
A gentle breeze

Your touch was fire
Passionate flame
Waking in me
Desires, love, untamed
I've lost you now
Mother's newest bane
Your lies uncovered

Your notes destroyed
Your poems in flame
Stories, lost, unwritten shame
Stolen glances, stolen lies
Shattered diamond times

Our pasts so similar
But I had broken my chains
I loved you, dear
Written in stone
I though love prevailed
Romantic hearts bounds untied
Too many others forcing lies

You listen to them
Should listen to me
I am you wife
Not just a friend
Talk! Talk to me!

Your mother, she called
Accusing, ***** lies
Talks so nice, severing ties
I took you from her
You choose me, not her
Trying to break her binds
I chose you, together we're fine

Three years, no job, I let you write
Housekeep you make
Never cleaning deep
You complain about bills
Complain for spite

But you'll **** me tonight
No love, not for me
Only to take
You want to break my will
Break my fight
But you'll never know
Inside, I'm light
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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