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Dec 2010
She studied him ,while not really letting him
know she was checking him out
He was looking at her  bluntly
showing her he was looking
& checking her out too
As He crossed the room
to go turn on the stereo.,
She studied him closely
Noticing ; He looked
Afrocentric and so exotic
His Muscular ****** Body
worked to a hue of perfection.,
Honey Skin,Silk waves combed just right
so the light caught the red high lites
He probably didn't even know. he had
His face seemed sculptured
molded in pure model like form
****** hair shaved like he was working for GQ
Magazine Breath taking'ly Handsome.,
She held her breath as he looked up at her
he winked and pointed to the song playing
on the stereo
All she could do was nod her head in agreement.
He saw in the mirror how
she was looking secretly at him
or so she was lead to think,
He too was doing the same thing
Checking out this Beautiful Hypnotic Queen
The legs and hour glass shape was what 1st caught
his eye but the smile she gave
sent chills down his spine
the way she moved
so gracefully
like she was walking on air
made him feel weak kneed
Her Hair flowing in its natural state
curly and hanging down on her shoulders
giving her a heart shape looking face
he could run his hands in it but not just yet,
The feelings she in golfed
in him made him forget
what they was supposed to be doing
Studying for their law exam.
They didn't have to speak,
It seem the silences
would become a special communication.
Like in oasis the desert
the silence was a balm giving peace and respite
from the world
were words could become meaningless
sounds masking the emotions and abrading the senses.
These silences were uplifting ; a type of intimacy with-out
Looking in His eyes and not saying a word
in harmony with each other
holing onto the memories of unspoken desires
casting off the shadows of doubt,
He don't need to enter her flesh
when just being there next to her was a gift
Cherished & treasured,
This was such a different kind of love.
She's looking in his eye's Silently
caressing him
Mind blowing thoughts shared
even as words were unspoken,
eye contact promised everything
Didn't need no words
when you're mentally
emotinally and
soon to be phycially connected
And then He Smiles.
His eyes light up
He has beautiful eyes
the thickest longest lashes
she had ever seen on a man
His light eyes became lit from
within and a feeling of sunshine
filled the room.
Because of her He was able to smile again
let the laughter in
Because of him she was able to trust
open up again.
And all this was done
With out a word!
Always me Ayeshah
written Saturday, December 23, 2006
© 2010
Written by
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